Hear Yoko Ono’s Updated Version of Her 1971 Call-To-Action, ‘Now Or Never’

Hear Yoko Ono’s Updated Version of Her 1971 Call-To-Action, ‘Now Or Never’

Yoko Ono has premiered another song from her forthcoming album, Warzone, which finds her revisiting songs from throughout her career (and covering “Imagine,” her late husband John Lennon’s classic hit) with stripped-down arrangements that emphasize each song’s message.

One such song is “Now or Never,” a poignant call-to-action that Ono originally released in 1971. The new version was premiered this week:

Here’s the original version from 47 years ago:

More insight about the album:

Yoko revisits and reimagines 13 songs from her past work, spanning 1970-2009, the lyrics and messages still pertinent—perhaps even more pertinent—in 2018. “The world is so messed up. Things are very difficult for everybody. It’s a warzone that we are living in…” says Ono. “I like to create things in a new way. Every day things change.”

We’ve now heard three songs from Warzone, which will be released on October 19, with “Hell In Paradise” having been premiered last week, a week after the title track.

2 Responses to "Hear Yoko Ono’s Updated Version of Her 1971 Call-To-Action, ‘Now Or Never’"

  1. Bill   August 10, 2018 at 12:30 pm

    Hmm I’m tempted to buy this

  2. Leif   August 13, 2018 at 2:47 pm

    The message is good, but rhe world is hard and tough, just to make a living and survive. We have to have a strong military, or we will be trampled over, and inslaved by insane people of the world, as in Hitler, and the like. We have to protect the freedoms we have recieved, by the blood of our past veterans. That’s who we should be bowing to, or our country would be trampled over. Look at the Flag, hand on heart, and be so grateful of what we do have, Freedom, at the cost of American’s Blood….that’s reality……….


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