Watch Dave Grohl’s Mini-Documentary/Music Project ‘Play,’ Available Now

Watch Dave Grohl’s Mini-Documentary/Music Project ‘Play,’ Available Now

Last week, it was announced that a special 23-minute mini-documentary from Foo Fighters front man Dave Grohl was in the works, and would be released imminently — and now Play is here.

Some details:

“PLAY” is a two part mini-documentary, directed by Dave Grohl, celebrating the rewards and challenges of dedicating one’s life to playing music. Part one opens with narrated behind the scenes discussion of the love of playing music and the lifelong relationship with an instrument—as well as the process and challenges of recording and filming this unique performance: The “PLAY” film then segues to the titular 23-minute, one-man-band instrumental recording on which Grohl plays all seven instruments on the track, all live. The entire song was played by Grohl, each time on a different instrument, live all the way through for 23 minutes.

The immersive audio/video experience is live at, and is rather innovative. Users can select to view the performance on just one instrument, if they choose, select an isolated audio track of that one instrument and/or blend it in with everything else for a customized individual experience.

It’s also up for purchase on the Foo Fighters’ official site in a variety of formats, as well.

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