A Guitar George Harrison Played at the Beatles’ Final Cavern Club Gig is Up for Auction

A Guitar George Harrison Played at the Beatles’ Final Cavern Club Gig is Up for Auction

Got a few hundred thousand dollars (or pounds) just aching to be traded for some legendary Beatles gear? You’re in luck, then, as an upcoming auction will offer up a guitar that George Harrison played for the group’s final performance at Liverpool’s Cavern Club in 1963.

Specifically, it’s a Maton Mastersound MS-500, and auction house Gardiner Houlgate has more details:

*In the summer of 1963 George Harrison’s Gretsch Country Gentleman was experiencing problems and was taken to Barratts in Manchester to be repaired. Whilst repairs were made, shop owner Brian Higham gave the Maton to Neil Aspinall for Harrison to use. This was around the time that The Beatles appeared at The Odeon in Machester, 30th May 1963. The Country Gent was returned the same day, however, Harrison kept the Maton and played it in concert on the 8th-13th July at The Winter Gardens in Margate, 2nd August at The Grafton Rooms in Liverpool, 3rd August at a photo call at The Cavern Club in Liverpool (significantly The Beatles last performance at The Cavern Club) and 6th-10th August at Candie Gardens, Guernsey. After the Maton was returned to Barratts, Dave Berry and The Cruisers guitarist Roy Barber swapped it for his Fender Stratocaster. He was told that the guitar was The Maton used by Harrison. Barber used the guitar for several years, later putting it into storage.

It then changed hands a few times thanks to other auctions and sales, winding up part of this special collection as its latest destination.

A number of other historic musical instruments will be up for auction on September 12-13 via Gardiner Houlgate, including guitars owned and played by the likes of Steve Howe and an amplifier used by members of Pink Floyd.

Deep-pocked music fans/investors have their hands full with options these days, as a demo recording of David Bowie‘s first-ever recording with the Konrads was also in the news lately, as it was going up for bid as well.

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