Premiere: Watch Beard Bates’ New Western-Themed Video for ‘Weasel Sleeping’

Premiere: Watch Beard Bates’ New Western-Themed Video for ‘Weasel Sleeping’

One viewing of Beard Bates‘ new music video for “Weasel Sleeping” and you’ll be struck by a few things: His voice, his beard, his visual style and the song’s grabbing, haunting energy. The song was released last week and now it has a slick new music video, as well, taking place primarily in a dark, dusty old house where lighting is at a premium and mood is everywhere.

The clip, a heavily stylized treatment for a song from Bates’ upcoming album, ought to make you well acquainted with what he’s all about. Watch it below:

“Weasel Sleeping” is the second song released so far from Bates’ new album, following “Lions Sheep Birds”:

While you may not be immediately familiar with Beard Bates by name, he’s been working hard for a while now, and hopes to turn more on to his unique sound with the new record.

Throughout his illustrious career he has had the title of singer, songwriter, producer, abstract painter, designer and much more. Musically, he leaves no genre untouched with elements of rock, roots, EDM, pop and experimental in his catalog. Born in Virginia, now residing in LA, Beard Bates begin writing songs around age nine when he learned basic guitar chords on a tiny guitar his grandfather, a consummate craftsman, made for him. Since high school he has played with various bands (JilFlirter, The Virginia City Revival), released dozens of albums and made a name for himself as a producer – in addition to studying literature, writing novels and training to be an art curator at The London Consortium. Over the past few years, Beard has not been playing or putting out much “popular” music, mainly because he has been focusing on ambient recordings, nature field recording, and creating much abstract art.

Visit Bates’ official site for more on his interesting career, and expect to hear more from him soon.

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