Yoko Ono Premieres ‘Hell in Paradise,’ from Her New Album ‘Warzone’ (Listen)

Yoko Ono Premieres ‘Hell in Paradise,’ from Her New Album ‘Warzone’ (Listen)

Yoko Ono recently announced plans for a new album, Warzone, that will find her revisiting some songs from her prior works and, interestingly, covering “Imagine,” the classic song made famous by her late husband, John Lennon.

The album will be out on October 19, and Ono has now released a second song from the LP as a preview. A re-working of a song from her 1985 album Starpeace, her fresh (and poignant) take on “Hell in Paradise” can be streamed below:

Her music and projects can sometimes be a challenge to fully “get,” sure, but that’s the mark of a true artist. She even wrote a letter to her own critics in 2015, so expect Warzone to be an interesting experience.

The album’s track listing:

“Hell In Paradise”
“Now Or Never”
“Where Do We Go From Here”
“Woman Power”
“It’s Gonna Rain”
“Children Power”
“I Love All of Me”
“Teddy Bear”
“I’m Alive”
“I Love You Earth”

New songs will appear on the album’s new website every week in advance of the October 19 release date.

Stay tuned …

2 Responses to "Yoko Ono Premieres ‘Hell in Paradise,’ from Her New Album ‘Warzone’ (Listen)"

  1. Brian Burhans   August 2, 2018 at 10:36 am

    The original version is far more compelling, imho.

  2. Jurgen   August 3, 2018 at 4:21 am

    One of the few true original artists. Keep going Yoko !


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