Demo Tape of David Bowie’s First-Ever Recording with the Konrads Going Up for Auction

Demo Tape of David Bowie’s First-Ever Recording with the Konrads Going Up for Auction

Imagine rejecting a recording made by David Bowie.

To the average music fan, such a thought probably seems inconceivable — but back before he was Bowie, world class entertainer and all-around legend, he was David Jones, a young musician trying to make himself a career. He was the saxophonist/vocalist for the Konrads, and a demo tape from their original recordings was recently unearthed for an upcoming auction.

Here’s a 12-second preview of “I Never Dreamed”:

This is an exceptionally rare piece of music, dating back as far as one could possibly go as far as Bowie’s music is concerned. The tape was rejected by a record label and later “turned up in a bread basket,” as the New Daily reported:

The tape, which includes Bowie singing I Never Dreamed, is expected to fetch £10,000 ($A18,000) and forms part of a trove of memorabilia to be sold by former Konrads’ drummer David Hadfield, who also managed the band.

He unearthed it, while moving house in the 1990s, in the loft of his garage, in a bread basket that once belonged to his grandfather.

More from Hadfield:

“David had no inclination to become a singer at this point, his heart and mind were focused on becoming a world class saxophone player,” Hadfield said.

“Our agent, Eric Easton, who also managed the Rolling Stones, asked us to do a demo so he could try and get us an audition at Decca.”

It’ll go up for auction in September, shortly before a big new Loving the Alien box set is also unearthed, further pulling from the archives, and also as the David Bowie Is exhibit transitions to a digital/virtual experience.


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