Premiere: Stream ‘From Here to There Eventually’ from the New ‘Steppenwolf At 50’ Retrospective

Premiere: Stream ‘From Here to There Eventually’ from the New ‘Steppenwolf At 50’ Retrospective

On Friday, a new retrospective 3-CD set commemorating 50 years of the band Steppenwolf will be released. Titled Steppenwolf at 50, the set will include 41 tracks in all, from hits and deep cuts to previously unreleased  material from band leader John Kay’s vault.

One of those songs is titled “From Here to There Eventually,” and Rock Cellar is proud to exclusively premiere the track below. Listen:

Kay (who’s spoken with Rock Cellar on a few occasions in the past) thanks everyone involved for their support over the span of Steppenwolf’s legendary career in the compilation’s liner notes:

“That was 50 years ago as of this writing and much transpired during that time of course,” says Kay. “In between seemingly endless tours at home and abroad, we somehow managed to write, rehearse and record numerous subsequent albums, but the hectic pace sometimes took its toll; not only on the band but also on our home lives and families…it is particularly dedicated to those who never stopped being there when we needed their support the most. Every band member past and present, who is heard on these recordings, played an important role as musician, fellow singer or songwriter in the Wolf’s recording history and is accordingly acknowledged in the credits.”

Here’s the track listing for Steppenwolf at 50:

Disk #1:

  1. Screaming Night Hog
  2. From Here To There Eventually (alternate version)*
  3. Angel Drawers*
  4. For Ladies Only
  5. You Win Again
  6. My Sportin’ Life
  7. Drift Away
  8. Straight Shootin’ Woman
  9. Caroline (Are You Ready For The Outlaw World)
  10. Skullduggery
  11. Hold Your Head Up
  12. Hot Night In A Cold Town
  13. Give Me News I Can Use
  14. Ain’t Nothin’ Like It Used To Be
  15. Magic Carpet Ride (Performed With Grand Master Flash and The Furious Five)

Disk #2:

  1. Hold On (Never Give Up Never Give In)
  2. Rock & Roll Rebels
  3. Give Me Life
  4. Rise & Shine
  5. The Wall
  6. Rock & Roll War
  7. Feed The Fire
  8. Rock Steady
  9. Down In New Orleans
  10. Business Is Business
  11. Compared To What*
  12. Labor Of Love*
  13. For The Women In My Life

Disk # 3:

(All Tracks Recorded Live: 1992-1995)

  1. Move Over
  2. Rock Me
  3. I’m Movin’ On
  4. Sookie Sookie
  5. I’m Your Hootchie Cootchie Man
  6. Hey Lawdy Mama
  7. Hey Lawdy Mama
  8. Desperation
  9. Ride With Me
  10. Snowblind Friend
  11. Monster/Suicide/America
  12. Magic Carpet Ride
  13. Born To Be Wild
  14. The Pusher


* indicates previously unreleased

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