The Go-Go’s Are Getting Their Own Broadway Production Called ‘Head Over Heels’

The Go-Go’s Are Getting Their Own Broadway Production Called ‘Head Over Heels’

When you think of the Go-Go’s, you probably think of infectious and classic pop hits from the 1980s. You probably don’t think of 16th century love stories — but that’s what’s in the works for the stage.

Recently, it was announced that a new musical comedy titled Head Over Heels will have a short run in San Francisco in Spring 2018 before transitioning over to Broadway in New York City. It’ll feature some of the Go-Go’s pop gems, and was developed and conceived by Jeff Whitty, the author responsible for the book behind Broadway hit Avenue Q.

More, from the Go-Go’s’ official announcement:

Among the songs being used: “We Got the Beat,” “Vacation,” “Our Lips Are Sealed,” “Lust to Love” and the show’s title tune.

Michael Mayer, a Tony winner for the original production of “Spring Awakening,” is directing. The lead producers include the actors Gwyneth Paltrow and Donovan Leitch; the other lead producers are Rick Ferrari, Christine Russell, Louise Gund, Hunter Arnold and Tom Kirdahy.

Said the band in a statement about the exciting news:

“If you told us 30 years ago that our songs were going to be in a musical, we’d have said ‘Of course they’ll be on Broadway!’ none of us would have really believed it though — what a crazy idea! Yet here we are, with Head Over Heels — a celebration of love in all its forms, joyful, fun and full of heart, driven by the songs that for decades have been making people jump from their seats and dance.”

This looks like fun, so stay tuned for more news…and to help you pass the time, click here to read our past interview with the Go-Go’s’ Charlotte Caffey.

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