New Music Friday: Stream U2’s New Album ‘Songs of Experience’

New Music Friday: Stream U2’s New Album ‘Songs of Experience’

U2‘s new album Songs of Experience, out today, begins with “Love is All We Have Left,” an ethereal opening track featuring Bono repeating the title phrase as shimmery, Auto-tuned vocals blip about in the background.

That introductory song serves as an introduction to an interesting, if not totally groundbreaking, new album from the iconic band. Pre-release tracks like “American Soul” (with its Kendrick Lamar introduction) and “The Blackout” dabbled in some higher-energy anthems from the band on the follow-up to 2014’s Songs of Innocence.

In all, the new record is a snapshot of where U2 are at this point in their vaunted career — fresh off a triumphant tour celebrating The Joshua Tree‘s 30th anniversary — and on the cusp of another huge tour, set to start in 2018.

Stream Songs of Experience below, via Spotify or Apple Music:

Songs Of Experience (Deluxe Edition)

Songs Of Experience (Deluxe Edition), an album by U2 on Spotify

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