Buzz: Sorry Rush Fans, It Doesn’t Look Like There’s Going to Be a LeeLifeson Project

Buzz: Sorry Rush Fans, It Doesn’t Look Like There’s Going to Be a LeeLifeson Project

Fierce online speculation over the past week or so had it that Alex Lifeson and Geddy Lee of Rush were going to form a new project for their combined talents, called simply, LeeLifeson.

The buzz picked up steam thanks to vaunted rock DJ Eddie Trunk, but on Sunday night a proverbial bucket of cold water was thrown on the whole conversation. This, from, is a quote from longtime DJ Donna Halper (who had a big hand in Rush’s early days) as posted to her Facebook page:

Two quick things (by special request, just for Rush fans). Thing one: I spoke to Alex and conveyed everyone’s happy birthday wishes. He told me he appreciates it, and that he’s doing well. Healthier (lost some weight), very involved with some individual projects, life is good. And now… thing two. I asked him about the online rumors and he told me there’s no LeeLifeson collaboration in the works. Both Geddy and Alex keep in close touch, of course, but both are very busy with their own projects. And neither has any plans for forming a band or touring or anything like that in the immediate future. As Alex just told me, the rumors are only rumors. And now you know… the rest of the story, direct from Alex himself.

So…take that for what you will, but it definitely sounds like LeeLifeson isn’t a thing that’s happening. Will it in the future? Who knows.

While we wait to see what happens, click below to read a feature interview with Rush drummer/travel author Neil Peart.

Neil Peart of Rush: The World’s Audience (The Interview)

And happy belated 64th birthday, Alex Lifeson!

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