Back in the Saddle: An Aerosmith-Themed Photo Tour

Back in the Saddle: An Aerosmith-Themed Photo Tour

aerosmith 2015 pic

They’re back on the road this summer, one of this land’s most durable and reliable bands. Plus, how many groups can still boast all original members in their ranks this far into their career?

In honor of Aerosmith, their tour and their undying resilience, here are ten places worth ‘dreaming on’ about.

  • Polyclinic Hospital – 345 West 50th St. NY, NY

steven is born

Where it all started on March 26, 1948, the birthplace of Steven Tyler. The hospital is now gone, replaced by an apartment complex.

  • Where Tyler met Perry – Anchorage 17 Garnet St. Sunapee, New Hampshire

joe meets steven

Aerosmith was born right here, when New York drummer Steven Tyler met guitarist Joe Perry at this restaurant where Perry worked in 1970.

According to legend, Tyler ate the best French fries he had ever had, and he wanted to meet the cook who made them. He walked into the kitchen and met the cook, who happened to be Joe Perry. They ended up forming a power trio with Tom Hamilton on bass, and before long, they’d added drummer Joey Kramer and guitarist Brad Whitford.

Today, 30 years later, Steven Tyler still eats at the Anchorage.

  • Joe Perry’s high school – Hopedale Junior High/High School 25 Adin St. Hopedale, MA

hopedale high- joe's school

This is where a teenage Joe Perry first saw a local band in the gym called the Wildcats, thus inspiring him to try and become a guitar player.

  • 90 Pleasant Street – Upton, MA

first show

Another Aerosmith landmark is Nipmuc Regional High School (now called Miscoe Hill). It was there on November 6, 1970, that Aerosmith appeared in their first-ever public performance.

  • 1325 Commonwealth Avenue #2B – Boston, Massachusetts


This building was pictured in the 1991 video for the classic song Sweet Emotion, and it was here from 1970 to 1972 that the band members of Aerosmith lived, wrote, played, ate (and maybe even slept a little) until being signed by Columbia Records.

“There were six of us in the group, some of us were living in the kitchen, eating brown rice and Campbell’s soup. Those days, you know, when a quart of beer was heaven. It was hard times and it was really good. During lunch we would set up all our equipment outside of BU [Boston University] in the main square and just start wailing. That’s basically how we got billed. We never got much publicity in the magazines and newspapers.” (Steven Tyler speaking to Circus Magazine in June 1975.)

They were honored here recently and even played a show on the spot.

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