Runnin’ with the Devils – a Van Halen Photo Tour of Southern California

Runnin’ with the Devils – a Van Halen Photo Tour of Southern California

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Van Halen is mounting a major summer tour soon (as you may have heard) so we thought we might as well jump(!) to trace the early footsteps of one of America’s most quintessential bands. Below, enjoy a visual tour of VH’s storied past.

  • 1881 Las Lunas Street – Pasadena, CA

childhood home

And so it begins. This two-bedroom, one bath 896 ft. home in Pasadena is where Eddie and Alex Van Halen grew up. And it was in the garage where Eddie spent many hours no doubt working on his earliest guitars. Before you become a guitar god, you have to start somewhere…

  • Gazzarri’s – 9030 Sunset Boulevard – West Hollywood, CA


In business from 1967 to 1993, this legendary rock palace hosted Van Halen for months on end in the mid-1970s before the world discovered them. It’s been reborn as other clubs over the years (such as Billboard Live and the Key Club) but today sits dormant. It was also home for the Doors in their early days, and served as the setting for Huey Lewis and the News‘ music video for The Heart of Rock and Roll.

  • Goldenwest Ballroom – 12400 Studebaker Road Norwalk, CA

goldenwest ballroom

Today, it is a church. But back in the day, it housed Van Halen for some of its earliest and most legendary shows.

  • Retail Clerks Auditorium – 8530 Stanton Avenue Buena Park, CA


In the mid-1970s, when the band would venture south to Orange County, this is one of the venues they would occasionally play.

  • Starwood – 8151 Santa Monica Boulevard


Today this location is a mini-mall, but in the mid-1970s it was also legendary haunt for Van Halen along with many other up-and-coming metal bands of the day.

  • The Village Recorder – 1616 Butler Avenue Los Angeles, CA

village recorder

We all now know that Gene Simmons did in fact record demos with Van Halen back in the day before they had a recording contract. This is where those seminal sessions took place.

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