When Reality’s Too Much…

When Reality’s Too Much…

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A London artist named Mark Farid wanted to devote 28 days of his live to virtual reality.

That’s right: Farid cooked up the idea of spending 28 straight days with a VR headset on his head, effectively “living” another person’s life through the use of cameras and audio recording equipment. He also planned on undertaking this adventure while on display in an art gallery.

As the Verge details:

“This isn’t escapism. He’s not trying to live as a famous actor, or a star athlete, or someone from a vastly different culture or time period. Spending minutes in virtual reality can be uncomfortable, let alone days. So why do it? “It’s to see if who we are is an individual identity, or if there is just a cultural identity that kind of takes us on,” says Farid. “I’ve grown up in the city my whole life. So everything that I’ve seen — the square gardens that we have, the tree that’s planted in that specific place, the way the wind travels down the road … all of that is artificially created,” he says. “Every experience that we’re having is synthetic.”

But now, the sad part: Farid’s crowd-funding website to help raise financial support for the project is grossly under-funded, with just a few days left to reach its goal of £150,000.

Should it somehow make budget, the entire thing will apparently be turned into a documentary film:

The findings, whatever they may ultimately be, will be compiled into a documentary featuring discussion on what has happened from relevant academics, psychiatrists, psychologists, neuroscientists, philosophers and artists.

But if it fails – at least he trad, right?

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