Man Charged $1,000+ for In-Flight Internet (But He Deserved It)

Man Charged $1,000+ for In-Flight Internet (But He Deserved It)


Apparently airplane Wi-Fi is a big deal these days.

If it isn’t somebody using a network name that scares people, it’s somebody unwillingly (or unknowingly) costing himself a LOT of money to do…well, nothing.

A man named Jeremy Gutsche recently learned a lesson: be sure to read the fine print of your airline internet purchase.

On a flight from London to Singapore, Gutsche paid $29 for wireless connectivity, checking some emails and then drifting off to sleep. However, his bill came back later and it was…for a lot more than $29. It was for $1,171 in fact, since the $29 only paid for a few MBs of data – not however many he wound up needing on the flight.

From AOL:

“I wish I could blame an addiction to NetFlix or some intellectual documentary that made me $1200 smarter. However, the Singapore Airlines internet was painfully slow, so videos would be impossible and that means I didn’t get any smarter… except about how to charge a lot of money for stuff. I did learn that.”

Let this be a lesson to anyone in need of online connectivity up in the skies…be careful out there!

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