PSA: DON’T Call Your Wi-Fi Network This

PSA: DON’T Call Your Wi-Fi Network This

american airlines

Yeah, so this was a bad idea.

Recently, a plane that departed from LAX en route to London had to re-route back to LAX amid security concerns…due to somebody’s oh-so-clever wi-fi hotspot network name.

This one wasn’t even that amusing – just obvious, and unfortunate.

“Al-Qaeda Free Terror Network”. That’s what he or she decided to use as a name for a wi-fi network. After the plane was sent back to LAX, they were unable to trace the origin of the wi-fi network – so much for making them pay for their indescretion.

Oh, and the entire flight crew had to wait around until the next day to make up the flight, so it’s safe to assume everybody else on the plane was just THRILLED at the whole situation.

(h/t LA Weekly)

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