Teen Hides In Walmart Undetected for a Few Days

Teen Hides In Walmart Undetected for a Few Days

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Are Walmart stores just too big, or should employess pay better attention?

That’s a debate worth having after a teenager was able to live inside a Texas store for two and a half days (!) without being noticed by…well, anybody.

The kid even managed to put together a makeshift ‘compound’ to hide in, where he hung around and ate food he stole from the shelves.

Perhaps the ‘best’ part of this tale? As CBS DFW tells it,

Sources said the 14-year-old was so concerned about being caught he wore diapers instead of using the store restroom.

It would later be revealed that the teen had a history of running away from home, so this was relatively par for the course for him.

Here’s hoping he changes his mind and sticks around home from now on!

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  1. Ross Collins   January 17, 2017 at 6:49 pm

    Don`t tell this wasn`t one of our childhood wishes. Oooh those Babe Ruth bars all for you!


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