Animal Sanctuary Outfits Rescued Baby Goat with Wheelcart (Video)

Animal Sanctuary Outfits Rescued Baby Goat with Wheelcart (Video)

frostie the snow goat

Born with a life-threatening condition that renders his back legs immobile, a baby goat named Frostie found himself the beneficiary of some innovative efforts to keep him alive.

You see, despite antibiotics his condition remains, so if there’s any hope of young Frostie living a full goat life (or anything close to it) he’ll have to adapt.

That’s where Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary in Australia comes in. Taking Frostie under their wing, the sanctuary outfitted him with a wheelcart that allows him to scoot along using his front legs, in hopes that he’ll be able to flush out the toxins and, eventually, vanquish the infection palguing his back legs.

Here’s a video of how it all works:

For more details, visit the Sanctuary’s blog.

Best of luck Frostie!

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