Megadeth Invites Formerly Deaf Fan to First Concert

Megadeth Invites Formerly Deaf Fan to First Concert

dave mustaine sarah churman

In 2011, video of a deaf woman hearing for the first time became a viral sensation on the internet – remember Sarah Churman’s remarkable experience?

Earlier this month, Dave Mustaine – front man of the metal band Megadeth and recent Rock Cellar interview subject – reached out to Churman to personally invite her to the band’s concert in Las Vegas on April 17 with Motorhead.

As Mustaine told it, he was affected by Churman’s story, and when he found out she was actually a Megadeth fan the decision to contact her and invite her to the show was a ‘no-brainer’.

Here’s a news clip from KNTV in vegas featuring both Churman and Mustaine:

In our recent chat with Mustaine, he speaks a bit about how important the bond between band and fan can be – and this is a perfect example of that mentality in action.

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