Pixies Announce New Album, ‘Indy Cindy’ – Their First in 23 Years

Pixies Announce New Album, ‘Indy Cindy’ – Their First in 23 Years

Pixies Indy Cindy artwork

Pixies haven’t released a new, full studio album since 1991’s Trompe le Monde, but that will change soon: the band has announced that it will release Indy Cindy on April 29.

Frank Black and the band – which now consists of guitarist Joey Santiago, drummer David Lovering, along with Ding on bass and Jeremy Dubs on backing vocals – are releasing the LP on their own label, Pixiesmusic.

A quote from Lovering on the new album:

“We started seriously talking about recording new music about four years ago.New music seemed like something we just had to do, we just couldn’t continue to go out and tour without anything new.  So the talk evolved into writing and recording, and we’re all very happy with the way everything worked out.”

The album was produced by Gil Norton, an established alternative/rock producer who has also worked with the band on their classic albums Doolittle, Bossanova, and the aforementioned Tromple le Monde. The songs on the record are compiled from the band’s three recent EPs, all available on the same collection for the first time.

Here’s the clip for the song Greens and Blues, which the band debuted recently:

The track listing:

  1. What Goes Boom
  2. Greens and Blues
  3. Indie Cindy
  4. Bagboy
  5. Magdalena 318
  6. Silver Snail
  7. Blue Eyed Hexe
  8. Ring the Bell
  9. Another Toe in the Ocean
  10. Andro Queen Snakes
  11. Jaime Bravo

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