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Rock Cellar Magazine is a music, news, journalism, and cultural entertainment website – a labor of love from us to you. Rock Cellar Magazine is for those who enjoy older music and nostalgia, but still want to keep up with what’s going on now.

Our focus is on artists and bands from the 1960s through the 1990s, with occasional glances at newer music. Of particular interest are the seasoned, established artists who continue to crank it out amid the chaos of a redefined music industry.

We’re interested in “The Modern Troubadour”: musicians/artists/writers and their larger role in observing or defining popular culture. People who have “made a change.” We want to hear their voices and be a platform for their causes and interests, even those outside of music.

We’re also interested in non-music stories, large and small:

Both Sides Now – Point/Counterpoint on hot-button, polarizing issues. Hear a little from each side and make up your own mind. (Perhaps you’ll even see a bit of reasoned common ground.)

A Few Questions With – Quick Q&A’s with notable figures, decidedly less in-depth than big feature interview pieces.

Behind the Curtain – Insight into various jobs, places or industries.  What the publics usually doesn’t get to see. We hope to introduce you to stories that satisfy your curiosities.

In Praise Of – Living Authors, Artists, Scientists, Speakers, Filmmakers, Thinkers, etc. who should be known better. Books and music you may have missed.

Fight the Power – Small, citizen-activism stories about individuals standing up for their rights, and challenging corporations, government entities, and other bureaucracies.  Whistle-blowers and muckrakers are welcomed.

Feed Your Head – articles and opinion pieces that force you to open and expand your mind a bit.

Good News For a Change – stories that are a bit more positive and uplifting in the midst of all this conflict and negativity. Also, small features on organizations doing good work.

Flashback – “What Happened After” and “Where Are They Now” follow-ups or resolutions on quirky or formerly-important stories that have fallen off the front page.

Eddie Are You Kidding?! – Our WTF category of stories we’ve found that make you scratch your head or shake your fist at the world…

Every Picture Tells a Story – Photo essays, sometimes without any words at all.  Once in awhile we talk with a famous photographer.

“Top 11″ Lists – Because at Rock Cellar Magazine, our Top-10 Lists “go to 11.”

Life on the internet isn’t all serious, so we hope to also entertain you a bit with humorous satire, cartoons, satire, quizzes and other light-hearted fluff.

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Enjoy yourself here, and thank you for being a “Cellar Dweller.”