The Who’s Roger Daltrey Working on His Official Memoir; Expected Out Fall 2018

The Who’s Roger Daltrey Working on His Official Memoir; Expected Out Fall 2018

At long last, the official autobiography from legendary vocalist Roger Daltrey of the Who is in the works.

The news was announced on Thursday — Daltrey has inked a book deal with Blink Publishing, and plans to release his memoir next year. Said Daltrey of the decision to join band mate Pete Townshend (who released his own book, Who I Am, in 2012) in telling his own, personal story:

“It’s great that I’ve found a young enthusiastic publisher, an upstart in the world of books, to publish my story. It feels like the right fit.
I’ve always resisted the urge to “do the memoir” but now, finally, I feel I’ve enough perspective. When you’ve spent more than half a century at the epicentre of a band like The Who, perspective can be a problem. Everything happened in the moment. One minute, I’m on the factory floor in Shepherd’s Bush, the next, I’m headlining Woodstock.

“It’s taken three years to unpick the events of my life, to remember who did what when and why, to separate the myths from the reality, to unravel what really happened at the Holiday Inn on Keith Moon’s 21st birthday.

“I hope the result is more than just another autobiography. I’ve been lucky enough to live in interesting times. I’ve witnessed society, music and culture change beyond recognition. That I’m still here to tell my tale when so many others around me didn’t make it is nothing short of a miracle.”

There’s little doubt that Daltrey has enough stories and anecdotes to fill the pages of multiple books — so this one will definitely be one to read. It’ll be a while before it’s here, though, so stay tuned.


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