Linkin Park Change Their Approach Once Again with New Album ‘One More Light’ – Listen

Linkin Park Change Their Approach Once Again with New Album ‘One More Light’ – Listen

Over the course of their nearly 20-year career, Linkin Park have gone through a variety of styles. After emerging with 2000’s raucous Hybrid Theory, capitalizing on the then-burgeoning trend of “nu-metal,” LP albums have ventured into drastically different realms, genre-wise.

Straightforward alt/rock (2005’s Minutes to Midnight), experimental theme albums (2010’s A Thousand Suns) and conscious “return to form” records (such as 2014’s The Hunting Party) continually challenged fans and critics, as the band refused to adhere to a “signature sound,” so to speak.

It makes sense, considering the band members are not the angsty 20-year-olds they were back in 2000. And it’s within that context that their new album, One More Light, fits in with the rest of their catalog. The most straight-ahead “pop” record of their career to date, One More Light features 10 songs and none of them would be considered a “hard rock” song. The closest, “Talking To Myself,” is a highlight (but it’s still markedly different from much of their older material).

This will likely prove to be another divisive record to the band’s fan base, but so what? They’ve afforded themselves the right to do whatever they want in the studio. And that’s the thing about bands of the level of Linkin Park: You’re always going to make somebody mad if you decide to try something different.

Stream the album below via Spotify, and check out LP on the road this summer.

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