Watch Dave Grohl and Pat Smear Drive Around L.A. Cruising David Bowie Landmarks

Watch Dave Grohl and Pat Smear Drive Around L.A. Cruising David Bowie Landmarks

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Recently, Dave Grohl and Pat Smear piled into a vintage Ford Bronco and traversed around the Hollywood area on a cruise of old David Bowie haunts.

Naturally, Grohl and Smear are big Bowie fans so this was a fun little trip for the rock icons (facilitated in part by the Foo Fighters‘ lack of activity at the moment). Along the way, Smear tells the story of how Nirvana decided to cover The Man Who Sold the World on MTV Unplugged (it was his idea), among other topics of conversation.

Another fun story Smear tells is of his late Germs band mate Darby Crash coming across a used Bowie cigarette stub and turning it into a keepsake necklace.

Grohl also phones Joan Jett and tells her of their exploits, and they pay a visit to Rodney’s English Disco and hang with Sunset Strip legend Rodney Bingenheimer – who joins them in the car afterwards.

The highlight, though, may be Grohl’s story of exchanging emails with Bowie about a potential collaboration…and how Bowie responded with ‘Alright, well that’s settled then…now fuck off’ after it was clear he wasn’t interested and maybe hinted at his declining health.

Playboy was along for the joyride and turned it into an amusing nine-minute video. Watch below:

In related news, it was announced on Thursday that Grohl will perform at the upcoming Academy Awards:

Grohl and Smear also paid tribute to Bowie at a special pre-Grammys party last weekend…check below for more on that.

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