Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons Quiz

Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons Quiz

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New month, new issue, new quiz. How well do you know songs by The Four Seasons?

This month’s cover star is Frankie Valli, after all…

Below, please sift through the multiple choice questions and see if you can figure out the answers –then send your answers to us here :

1. Following their comeback hit Who Loves You, which of the songs below was an (bigger) hit from the same album?

(a) Oh What a Night

(b) Big Girls Don’t Cry

(c) Grease

2. Which Four Seasons’ chart-topping single took more time to name than to write (15 minutes)?

(a) Sherry

(b) Rag Doll

(c) Who Loves You

3. Which 1975 comeback hit – (currently featured in the Jersey Boys film)– ended the Four Seasons’ five-year absence on the pop charts?

(a) Who Loves You

(b) Walk Like a Man

(c) Let’s Hang On

4. Which song got its name from the 1955 film Tennessee’s Partner (which starred then-future President Ronald Reagan)?

(a) Big Girls Don’t Cry

(b) Walk Like a Man

(c) Let’s Hang On

5. While the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and other UK bands were dominating the US  charts and airwaves…which song helped the Four Seasons maintain their popularity during the “British Invasion” ?

(a) Ragdoll

(b) Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You

(c) Sherry

6. Complemented by the bass vocal counterpoint of fellow singer Nick Massi, which song best exemplifies Frankie Valli’s falsetto singing? 

(a) Walk Like a Man

(b) Sherry

(c) Working My Way Back To You

7. This No. 2 hit from 1967 firmly established him as a double-threat on the pop charts. 

(a) Can’t Take My Eyes off Of You

(b) Walk Like a Man

(c) Rag Doll

8. In this one Valli admits he’s done his lover wrong, begs forgiveness and promises to win back her affection – all in just over three minutes.

(a) Working My Way Back To You

(b) Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You

(c) Let’s Hang On

9. This hit from 1965 was the last single to feature the band’s original lineup with singer-bassist Nick Massi.

(a) Let’s Hang On

(b) Big Girls Don’t Cry

(c) Sherry

10.Where did the name “The Four Seasons” come from?

(a) A bowling alley

(b) Travel brochure

(c) Lyrics in a song



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