A Few Questions With…Musician Marc Mann

A Few Questions With…Musician Marc Mann

Marc_Mann_Studio_SYou may have heard of Marc Mann, or you might be one of those who watched The Concert for George DVD and asked “Who’s that guy with the hat?”.

There on stage at the Royal Albert Hall as part of a star-‐filled band featuring Eric Clapton, Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney, Jeff Lynne, and Dhani Harrison, performing songs by George Harrison – ‘that guy’ playing lead guitar is Marc.

Or you might know him as keyboardist with the LA based band Oingo Boingo led by Danny Elfman.

The band’s amazing live performances are well documented in the ‘Farewell’ concert video compiled from 5 sold-­‐out nights at the Universal Amphitheater (now known as the Gibson Amphitheater). Marc has worked with Danny since the 80’s, doing synth recording, orchestration, choir, and conducting for dozens of film scores.

You may have also noticed Marc playing guitar and keyboards with the rock group ELO, Electric Light Orchestra, led by Jeff Lynne. The concert DVD ZOOM has live performances of all the ELO hits and more, with Marc playing guitar and keyboards and arranging the string parts. Numerous other album and TV/film credits show Marc has been very busy in many areas of the music world for quite some time.

We recently invited Marc to answer a few interview questions, enjoy his answers below.

Rock Cellar Magazine: Describe the best day of your life.

Marc Mann: That would be hard to pick. There are many standout days, including the days my daughters were born, Kristi and Mallori. They are both grown up now, yet the thrill of becoming a dad ranks up there with many exciting days as a musician. And they are musically talented as well!!

When I think of standout days, a few come to mind. I attended UCLA, originally as a math major, even though I’d been playing guitar since I was about 11. I had never had any real formal music training, I was self-­‐taught, and my love of music won out. So a ‘big day’ was when I got news that I had passed the necessary exams and requirements to change my major to the music department.

My parents helped a lot with being supportive about going into music as a career. That day changed my life; I went on to earn a B.A. and Masters Degree in Music, and while in the graduate program I would teach the very same music classes I had taken as an undergraduate.

Other ‘best days’ would of course include meeting and performing with musicians who I’d always held in high regard; my idols, my inspiration. I’ve had the pleasure of working with many great musicians and music producers.

for 'Rock Cellar' magazine interviewOne very special time was the rehearsals in London, which led up to the performance honoring George Harrison’s life and music, and the concert itself, of course.

Eric Clapton has always been an inspiration, and to have the honor of being part of his band, to go through songs at rehearsal and see the Maestro at work – that was a dream come true.

Rock Cellar Magazine: Who are your mentors?

Marc Mann: I’ve been lucky to have known wonderful musicians who were like mentors to me. One was the head of the choral department at UCLA, Donn Weiss, who recognized my talent for conducting and hired me as assistant conductor, and also commissioned choral compositions. My affinity for choral music, my conducting ability, and my compositional development were all influenced by this early mentor.

The university environment is a great place to have many supportive teachers.

I learned a great deal from a wonderful music producer, Peter Asher, with whom I did my first ‘pro session’ many years ago, and have worked with on a great many sessions over the years. A studio environment can be stressful, working under deadlines and with different personalities, but the sense of joy that Peter has really comes through in the wonderful music he has produced over the years. I love his attention to detail, and the sense of exploration and discovery that Peter brings to a music project.

A very important musical mentor is Jeff Lynne, whom I’ve had the pleasure of knowing for a while now. We met when he was recording the first album of The Traveling Wilbury’s, with me helping him with technology ( a computer ! ) and its use for music. Jeff involved me in many great projects, including restoration of tracks for The Beatles’ Anthology, completing George Harrison’s posthumous album Brainwashed, and producing songs for Regina Spektor.

Over the years working with Jeff I’ve created orchestral arrangements for songs, engineered, mixed, and performed both in the studio and live. I learned a great deal from Jeff about production, and music, and sound (plus I’ve also heard some amazing stories, too!). Jeff is an amazing musician, songwriter, and producer, and working with him has been an invaluable experience.

Rock Cellar Magazine: Describe one of your favorite recording sessions…

Marc Mann: One of the sessions at Jeff’s studio stands out, for the amazing musical moment, and also for humorous reasons. It was during the time I was helping Jeff with the recording of the ELO album Zoom, and there was a track that Jeff wanted Ringo to play drums on. I’d met Ringo a few times before, but we hadn’t really spoken much. I showed up at the studio unaware that Ringo was going to be there that day, and he was already there on the drums going over a song with Jeff. I walked in carrying some piece of gear we needed to use in the control room, and saw Jeff playing guitar, showing the song to Ringo.

I picked up a bass guitar to add to the ‘band’, with Jeff’s smile showing that he appreciated the assistance in getting this song recorded. What a great thing that was, to be playing with Ringo Starr in the studio – on an ELO record ! ! And then, an amazing moment was when I realized that Ringo was looking to me, the bass player, to give him cues about the form of the song, when the sections changed.

I graciously provided Ringo with subtle ‘get ready’ looks, and discretely cued downbeats to new parts, all while wanting to pinch myself that I was doing this ! ! (Of course I thought of how many times previously Ringo would be looking over to another bassist, Paul, while recording a song.) All in all it was a great day, Jeff got the song recorded like he wanted, and we all had a wonderful day of music and laughs. And it was made even more special by Ringo sharing something with me, much later, about that day at Jeff’s studio.

Months later, at some other location, Ringo sees me and says “ah, the delivery boy who plays bass” and laughs. I had a bewildered look on my face, so he then explained that he had thought I was someone who had  just showed up at the studio to deliver something, and then sat down and played along ! ! That always makes Jeff and me laugh when we think about it; How cool and easy-­going Ringo is, and even to this day he refers to me with a smile as ‘The Delivery Boy’.

Rock Cellar Magazine: What are some of the most important lessons about the industry?

Marc Mann: Well, there are a number of them. Some are ‘Be prepared for the unexpected’. Do your ‘homework’ so you are always well prepared. Know your instrument, know your gear, know your role -­‐ and know your limitations, too. I like the TED talk that Amanda Palmer gave on musicians giving themselves value – that is an important thing to learn, I’d say.

And also that being successful involves hard work, determination, and perseverance.

Rock Cellar Magazine: What advice do you have for those just starting out in entertainment?

Marc Mann: Diversify and learn as much about as many aspects of the music/entertainment world as you can. That may mean that you learn more than one instrument, for example, or different pieces of software in addition to learning voice or piano or guitar.

There’s a philosophical saying that says ‘sharpen the sword’, which means always strive for improvement and learn new things. And of course know thyself, be aware of who you are, and that you bring a special gift to the world: music!

9 Responses to "A Few Questions With…Musician Marc Mann"

  1. David Kay   November 22, 2016 at 8:01 am

    He was my Granada Hills High School chem and bio lab partner. Mrs. Kinsella watched us like a hawk after that magnesium fire..,

  2. John Rose   February 19, 2017 at 10:02 am

    I first saw Marc in the Zoom dvd concert. Since then, he has been one of my favorite guitarists. I love the way he plays….so smooth. He’s the closest one to George Harrison that I’ve heard.

  3. Ken Berger   March 12, 2017 at 7:13 pm

    I must include my praise as John Rose just expressed in his email.
    ” closest one “guitarist,” who had George’s licks, tonality, phrasing, as well as timing down perfect! What a great tribute to George and the Beatles.

    The tonality that George “lifted,” from his guitar is so identifiable and personally his own as heard when George produced Bad Finger with lead guitarist Peter Ham.

    Marc is a great musician and he being self taught is a inspiration to everyone who dreams and plays for the love of music.

  4. Sandra Mejía Martínez   March 29, 2017 at 2:36 pm

    Me gusta tanto la forma tan genial de tocar la guitarra, lo ví por primera vez en el concierto a George y después lo ví con ELO,me dije quién es ese hombre que hace tan majestuoso sonido… Pero la sencillez que muestra me encanta. Sr. Marc Mann es único me encanta!!!

  5. Dave Ponticelli   January 8, 2018 at 1:22 pm

    I, like John Rose, discovered Marc Mann while watching/listening to Zoom (which I do at least once a day while working) – I love the looks Jeff gives to Marc and the expression on Jeff’s face when they are playing back and forth on some parts of the songs, the look that Marc is an equal. Being that it is coming from Jeff Lynne tells you all you need to know about Marc Mann and how great of a player he is.

  6. Ed   April 13, 2018 at 6:52 pm

    Elephant in the room don’t recognize the night prince knocked it out of park

    Yeah that has to hurt

  7. Donna Wilson   May 16, 2018 at 9:15 pm

    Marc Mann immediately caught my attention when I first watched Concert for George. He not only has a wealth of talent but also has a certain charisma. He has done so well (reading his musical history on this site) and I feel so proud of him! To be part of Jeff Lynne’s music and being in the presence of Ringo and Paul, playing with Eric Clapton – what a superb resume!!!!

  8. Jack   August 10, 2018 at 4:01 pm

    I put Marc right up there with Don Felder as an incredible guitarist. Like Felder he plays with such ease, fingers gliding up and down the neck, never missing a note. While he was in the background at the ELO Zoom Concert, his playing stood out throughout the concert. Found myself watching and listening to Marc more than Jeff Lynne. And his playing on Concert for George was spectacular. Wish i could see more of you Marc. Such an awesome talent.

  9. Cliff   January 8, 2019 at 12:49 pm

    Just found out , ( my curiosity) who the musician , with the cap’s name . Will now never forget the name Marc Mann . After seeing His magnificent contribution , on Concert for George . I have been a Beatle fan since they exploded into our lives in England in the early 60’s .George Harrison was always my favorite Beatle from day one . He had such ” presence ” , and He wasn’t cocky , but very assured . Marc played the guitar parts to perfection , with great respect to George in the way He played . After reading about Marc , here in this mag , He is indeed , an extremely talented artist in the music world and a most humble guy ..


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