A Few Questions With…Tim Piper

A Few Questions With…Tim Piper

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Musician, actor and songwriter Tim Piper has traveled the world performing music made famous bythe Beatles, distinguishing himself as the preeminent John Lennon with roles in the CBS production The Linda McCartney Story, E! Channel’s John Lennon Story, Beatle Wives and as the singing voice of Lennon for the NBC TV movie of the week, In His Life -The John Lennon Story.

With Working Class Hero, Piper has performed at numerous special events, including being the only tribute act to perform at the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame, a pre-screening performance for the re-release of Yellow Submarine and the John Lennon 20th anniversary memorial gathering in Central Park.

He’s also increased his portfolio even further with he much celebrated and extraordinary rock ‘n’ roll celebration of the life and music of John Lennon, known simply as: Just Imagine….

A splendid time is guaranteed with Mr. Piper!!

Enjoy a quick Q&A with Piper below. 

Warm-Up Question: Tell us something about yourself/your career that’s really, really good – maybe something nobody knows.

Tim Piper: I’ve been performing for over 25 years around the world and now am writing a musical based on the life of performing successfully as a ‘tribute artist’ only to  reach middle age and wondering what happened to my dreams to have a real life.

Q: Describe your very first concert experience.

Tim Piper: A concert if you will – was the Tomorrowland stage at Disneyland where the stage rises out of the ground. April Fool’s Day 1968. I remember the announcer saying the band was cancelled due to whatever & as they rose up, saying, “April Fools!”

Woman, Woman, Young Girl, etc. I remember the uniforms, Gretsch guitars, Fender Dual Showman amps and ElectroVoice sound system filling my young head with all things musical.

Q: What was the very first car you ever drove?

Tim Piper: An orange 1964 MGB convertible. Positive ground battery, dual side draft carburetors, wire wheels and just about everything else that could go wrong. A blast to drive and you could still roll it and jump in to fire it up when the starter crapped out.

Q: What’s your favorite charity?

Tim Piper: Anything that helps children. They shouldn’t have to suffer from anything.

Q: Describe the best day of your life.

Tim Piper: Playing the headliner position at The Mathew Street Festival in Liverpool 2004, closing the show with Town Hall to our backs and 30,000 Liverpudlians lining Castle Street ahead of us swinging, swaying and singing along to our set of John Lennon music.

Q: What’s your favorite snack food or item?

Tim Piper: Cheetos or Fritos – not healthy but love the crunch.

Q: What song written by someone else do you wish YOU had written?

Tim Piper: My partner in the musical wrote a song that floored me when I first heard it. It stayed in my mind forever and ironically never asked him If I could record it thinking of course he’d like to keep it himself – until he’d asked me why I hadn’t. It’s now in the musical produced & performed by me.

Q: What are your favorite non-musical hobbies?

Tim Piper: Computers – tearing them apart and building them from scratch has always held my interest along with video editing, computer based as well.

Rock Cellar Magazine: What is your LEAST favorite thing to do? Why?

Tim Piper: Taxes. I’m unorganized as far as keeping records and who wants to give the government money to spent on wasteful or destructive programs?


To wrap thing sup, here’s a new release – performed by Mr. Piper and “Company”, written by Tim Piper and Steve Altman…Enjoy !!

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