Sir Paul McCartney Lyric Quiz

Sir Paul McCartney Lyric Quiz

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What is Sir Paul McCartney’s secret? How does he stay so solid after 50 years on stage? Being veggie?

He’s currently out criss-crossing the globe on his Out There! World Tour, which has found him playing all kinds of deep cuts, fan favorites, and songs close to his heart.

There are some songs, though, that Macca hasn’t put on his set list yet…and they haven’t been let out of the box in some time.

RCM’s Uncle Greg took the initiative to put together a list of songs we’d love to see Macca tackle on the road. Take a look below at some lyrics from these mystery songs and see how many of them you recognize.

Photo: Keri Butcher
Photo: Keri Butcher

How many can you name? And what other songs from Paul’s repertoire would you love to see him play? Let us know by shooting an email to

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Another 'Out There!' shot.
Another ‘Out There!’ shot.

1. ‘Say You Don’t Love Him, My Salamander…’

2. ‘But when it came to love, I’d knew you’d be lyin’…’

3. ‘What does she get for all the love she gave you…’

4. ‘Off to the flicks with the piddle in her nicks, to the fair with her hair in curlers’

5. ‘We can make this whole damn thing work out…’

6. ”I’d like to roll down a hill with you…’

7. ‘That’s what a father says to his younger son…’

8. ‘I want to help you with your problem…’

9. ‘I guess we must have had what it took…’

10. ‘I was walking down the street the other day…’

Here are snippets from the “Out There” 2013 tour, which is currently in progress. Enjoy!

Junior’s Farm

Mrs. Vandebilt

Calico Skies

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