The Kinks vs. Green Day – Ripped Off Riffs #7

Green Day hasn’t ever been considered the most “original” of bands…they’ve already appeared in our Ripped-Off Riffs category, for example. The title track to the band’s 2000 album, Warning, features almost the exact same intro riff, rhythm, and chord progressions as the Kinks’ tune, from their 1968 album The Kinks Are the Village Green Preservation […]

Graffiti is Street-Art! / No, It’s Vandalism!

Graffiti is Street-Art! / No, It’s Vandalism!

Pro A couple of years ago, when graffiti was just graffiti, and street artists were just vandals, I really hated it all. But things change, and for whatever reasons, my view of graffiti has changed too. The other day I was driving on the 110 freeway coming home from the beach. I actually wasn’t doing […]

Chris Cornell Releases “The Keeper,” Set for New Gerard Butler Film

Soundgarden vocalist/guitarist Chris Cornell has released a new solo recording, The Keeper. Set to be featured in the upcoming Gerard Butler film Machine Gun Preacher, the song calls to mind Cornell’s some of Cornell’s best solo work to date. Chris Cornell – The Keeper by chriscornell Interested fans can purchase the song for download at Cornell’s […]

Mick Jagger + Damian Marley + Joss Stone = SuperHeavy

SuperHeavy, Mick Jagger’s all-star supergroup featuring himself, Eurythmics founder Dave Stewart, composer A.R. Rahman, singer Joss Stone and reggae artist Damian Marley, will release their self-titled debut album on A&M Records on September 20th. Billed as a “rock supergroup”, the album is expected to dip into various genres, considering its lead single, Miracle Worker, is […]

Fire In The Hole!

Rock and roll and hot sauce…it’s a match made in hell! What a distorted electric guitar is to the ears, a fiery blend of pureed chili peppers is to the tongue. Both ignite the senses, quicken the heart rate and leave you hungry for more. It should come as no surprise, then, that a growing […]

Pearl Jam Celebrate 20th Anniversary of “Ten” with Mother Love Bone cover

The Seattle grunge band’s debut, Ten featured some of PJ’s most commercially successful singles, including Even Flow, Jeremy, and Alive. To celebrate the occasion, the band released its cover of Mother Love Bone‘s Crown of Thorns. The track is the first song released from the upcoming soundtrack album to Cameron Crowe’s band documentary Pearl Jam Twenty, which […]

Decca Records Signs Paul McCartney, Just A Few Years Too Late

Almost 50 years since the company passed on signing a young band named The Beatles, Decca Records announced the signing of Paul McCartney to its roster. Sir Paul is teaming up with Decca to release the soundtrack album to his upcoming ballet, entitled “Ocean’s Kingdom”. The production will start in New York on September 22nd, […]

In Celebration of OK Go’s Music Video Mastery

In Celebration of OK Go’s Music Video Mastery

In the years since MTV decided to focus more on trashy reality shows instead of music, bands and artists have had to release videos to iTunes, YouTube, Vimeo, and the like, but they rarely have anything close to the same kind of impact or “watchability” as they did back in the heyday of the craft. Suddenly, out […]

Who Is This Guy George Harrison?

Who Is This Guy George Harrison?

Why do we love the Beatles? Maybe it’s because they almost single-handedly shaped two generations and continue to influence new music fans, year after year? Strip away their incredible style and you’ve got s-u-b-s-t-a-n-c-e up the wazoo. We’ve been celebrating and digging up every lone fact on the Beatles for over 5 decades. Just when […]

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